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Brawl Stars has just released its latest update, featuring a brand new season called “The Mystery at the Hub!” This season introduces a new chromatic brawler named R-T, a robotic surveillance system designed to keep an eye on everything that happens in the park. With access to all the hidden cameras, R-T has a dossier on every fighter and can even mark targets for increased damage. Learn more about this exciting new brawler and how to use it to your advantage.

Meet Willow – the Mythic Brawler Guarding the Love Tunnel

As part of the new season, Brawl Stars is introducing a new mythic brawler named Willow, who guards the Love Tunnel on the swamp near Mortis’ morgue. Willow is able to manipulate her enemies by using what they love against them. Her attack involves throwing a lantern that acts similarly to Barley’s attack, except that it gradually poisons the target. Her super involves throwing “head suckers” that temporarily take control of enemies, preventing them from using their super or gadget. But how can you break free from Willow’s control? Read on to find out.

R-T’s Abilities:

  1. Marked for Damage: R-T’s main attack places a mark on enemies, increasing the damage they take from subsequent attacks. Multiple targets can be marked at once, making R-T an excellent support fighter for team battles.
  2. Split Super: R-T’s super splits his body in half, allowing the upper half to attack independently of the lower half. The attack becomes circular in nature, allowing both halves to target multiple enemies simultaneously. Once the super is finished, R-T is restored to full health.

Willow’s Abilities:

  1. Poisonous Lantern: Willow throws a lantern that poisons enemies over time. This attack is similar to Barley’s, but with the added poison effect.
  2. Control Super: Willow’s super involves throwing “head suckers” that temporarily take control of enemies, preventing them from using their super or gadget. The only way to break free from Willow’s control is to wait it out, defeat Willow while she controls someone else, or attack the controlled enemy. Additionally, the controlled fighter cannot be defeated while under Willow’s control, making it important to focus on other targets until the effect wears off.

In conclusion, Brawl Stars’ new update brings two exciting new brawlers to the game, each with unique abilities that can change the tide of any battle. R-T’s mark ability and split super make him an excellent support fighter, while Willow’s poisonous lantern and control super add new dimensions to gameplay. Make sure to give these new brawlers a try and see how they can help you dominate the competition.

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