Download Nulls Brawl 45.198 with New Brawlers – Sam and Gus

New Season 14.

The new version of Nulls Brawl is already available for download. Unlimited resources and all the brawlers are waiting for you in the new update.

Sam and Gus

Sam is the new brawler

Sam is a new brawler, this is the second member of the trio with Belle, so he can be considered an accomplice in all her crimes. He is a great example of a brawler who hates robots. Namely, his gloves, which are made in the form of jaws from some kind of robot. When gloves are on, Sam has a powerful short-range attack and can deal damage to multiple enemies at the same time.

Gus – New Brawler

Gus is a support fighter who can heal and protect allies. Each of his attacks that hit the target fills one division of the scale.

Super Gas allows you to shield yourself or your allies. To hide an ally, you need to aim and activate Super. To cover yourself with a shield, you need to touch the Super button, as with auto-aiming. By the way, good news. Gus is an extremely rare fighter, so it will be easy to find him in the box.

New skins

Download Nulls Brawl with New Brawlers – Sam and Gus

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