Download ALPHA Nulls Brawl 35.179 with Belle AND Squeak

Download ALPHA Nulls Brawl 35.139 with Belle AND Squeak

A new version of the alpha server Null’s Brawl 35.179 with new brawlers Belle and Squick.

List of changes in the update:

  • 2 new brawlers Belle AND Squeak
  • Gadgets and passives for everyone
  • Animated emoji
  • New knockout mode
  • The ability to open boxes in any quantity
  • Upgrade all brawlers with the / full command
  • Online battles and battles with bots are available

How to install the server

  • Download new apk
  • Install it
  • Start the game

Changes to Null’s Brawl 35.179

  • New brawlers Belle AND Squeak
  • New skins
  • New pins
  • Minor interface changes
  • Minor improvements

Download Alpha Nulls Brawl 35.179 Belle and Squeak latest version

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