Download Nulls Brawl 51.248 Update: Meet Chuck and Pearl in ‘Return to the Ranch’ Season


The Brawl Stars universe is expanding once again with the release of its latest update, “Return to the Ranch.” In this exciting new season, players will have the opportunity to welcome two new brawlers to the arena – Chuck and Pearl. These fresh faces promise to bring thrilling gameplay and new strategic possibilities. Let’s delve into the details of what these new fighters and the “Return to the Ranch” season have to offer.

Meet Pearl – The Cookie-Baking Sensation

Pearl, the star of the “Return to the Ranch” season, is a chromatic brawler and the third member of the Sam and Belle trio. Designed as a robotic pastry chef, Pearl bakes cookies with love, akin to a cherished daughter. Her primary attack involves launching a barrage of delicious cookies at her opponents, making her a formidable mid-range fighter. What sets Pearl apart is her Super ability, where she detonates and scatters everything in her vicinity, even obliterating walls. To add a layer of strategy, Pearl features a unique heat gauge, which, when maxed out, supercharges her attacks, delivering maximum damage. Balancing this, the heat gauge decreases after standard attacks and Super use.

Introducing Chuck – The Train Conductor Turned Brawler

Chuck, the newest brawler in the arena, has a backstory as intriguing as his abilities. Formerly a conductor, Chuck found inspiration in the shadows of darkness and the eerie sounds of the Ghost Station, where he once operated trains. His primary attack releases a cloud of steam that can hit a target three times, making him a versatile choice for players. However, it’s Chuck’s Super ability that adds an exciting dynamic to battles. By placing markers on the ground and teleporting between them, Chuck can maneuver the battlefield strategically. While there’s a limit to the number of markers simultaneously, clever placement can turn Chuck into a nimble and unpredictable opponent.

Introducing Hypercharge – A Game-Changing Mechanic

In this update, Supercell introduces a game-changing mechanic called Hypercharge, available from level 11. Instead of adding a new power level, the update makes the Equipment slot accessible at level 8, offering players more customization options. Hypercharge takes center stage as it empowers brawlers temporarily, enhancing their Super ability during battles. To charge Hypercharge, players must fill the gauge surrounding the button, replicating actions that traditionally charge the Super. Once the gauge is full, activating Hypercharge surrounds the brawler with flames, amping up their Super and changing the Super icon. To celebrate the introduction of Hypercharge, Supercell has prepared a special bundle featuring cool cosmetics and elements that players can purchase with gems or coins. For those focused solely on acquiring the Hypercharge ability, it will be available for purchase on the brawler’s screen after a two-week waiting period. Initially, Hypercharge will be available for brawlers like Shelly, Colt, Bull, Spike, Jackie, and Pearl.


With the arrival of Chuck and Pearl, along with the innovative Hypercharge mechanic, the “Return to the Ranch” season update promises to redefine the Brawl Stars experience. Download the latest version now to explore these exciting additions and take your brawling skills to the next level. Don’t miss out on the action and strategy that Chuck and Pearl bring to the arena!

Download Nulls Brawl Update: Meet Chuck and Pearl in ‘Return to the Ranch’ Season

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