Download Nulls Brawl 52.177 with Charlie

Welcome to the highly anticipated update of Nulls Brawl version 52.177, now available for download, introducing a plethora of exciting features!

What’s New?

  • Charlie – the new chromatic brawler – a street-smart girl with unique abilities and hair that she uses as a weapon.
  • Halloween Skins
  • A club revolution – say goodbye to the old club features!
  • It’s time for Mega Vault and new improvements for your club.
  • Balance changes


Armed with her hair, she throws it forward, imitating the mechanism of a yo-yo. It returns after touching an obstacle or enemy. But her signature move is the Super Cocoon. This allows Charlie to temporarily immobilize the enemy by enveloping him in a dense cocoon. This adds strategic depth and makes her a valuable player in the arena.

Download Nulls Brawl now!

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