Download Null’s Brawl 46.168 with new brawler – Buster

Updated 10/29/2022

Nulls Brawl has been released in which new images and a new brawler Buster are available.

Null’s Brawl 46.162

The equipment has been completely redone, and in order to change them, they are completely removed. Now you can choose new equipment from scratch, and they are improved for gold. Compensation for the accumulated parts and already existing equipment will be gold.

Buster is the new Chromatic Fighter

Buster is a cinematographer at the Starr Park movie theater who… well, he also dreams of becoming a movie star. He befriends Fang and is part of his trio. Buster’s main attack is light waves. The closer it is to the target, the more damage it does. This is a tank capable of protecting his teammates.

His Super is a wall of light that blocks any projectiles. It protects against any attacks in its direction, except for attacks from above, so be careful with throwers. This shield also reflects single projectiles, so there is no point in attacking Buster from the front when his shield is activated.

Download Null’s Brawl with Buster

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