Brawl Talk 06 MARCH 2021 STU Brawler, Star League, Skins and more!

Many new features coming with this update, including a new brawler called STU, a new competitive way to replace the Seat of Power, the Star League and more! Follow and share the post with your friends!

We are in the middle of Season 5 and Supercell is bringing a new update to the game, with a lot of content and a new way to play Brawl Stars!

Surprising everyone, Brawl Talk was announced yesterday (Friday) , with a title revealing that we will have a new brawler from the trophy path, seasonal rewards and something else … now it’s time to reveal all the content of this update!

March 2021 Update Brawl Talk

New Robot Brawler: STU

This will be a brawler that can be unlocked by reaching 10,000 trophies. STU is a sentient robot, which is used to test the toys at Starr Park .

Attack: STU fires bursts of pyrotechnic shots from his fingers as the main attack. These shots are in a straight line and a single hit on the opponent is necessary to load his super.

Super: With its super, STU is able to move quickly in a short range. This charge pushes opponents and leaves a trail of flames, which causes damage to opponents who pass through it.

And this new brawler will arrive with a secondary skin, called “Superstar” , check out details in this post!

New PSG 2021 Fute-Brawl Challenge

And in another year of partnership with the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) team , Supercell is bringing a special challenge to the game, with team uniform skin for those who manage to complete it.

The challenge will take place at the end of the month and will be Fute-brawl . It will take 9 wins to get the “Mike PSG” look totally free. The value of this skin for those who do not complete the challenge will be 149 Gems.

See the look below:

As usual, with 4 defeats in the challenge you are out! But the novelty is that it will be possible to buy extra attempts to continue the challenge, spending a few gems (30 each attempt).

Goodbye Thirst for Power… Hello Star League!

And finally we will have the reformulation of the thirst for power mode … or rather, the end of it for another novelty to arrive in place! With the arrival of the next update we will have the Star League, which will be the new competitive mode of Brawl Stars!

In this mode, trophies are not taken into account. There will be 19 divisions in the stellar league, going from Bronze I to Masters, for the best players. And for this first season of the Star League, it will have a reduced duration, but then it will be equal to the 10-week Brawl pass and players will be ranked according to their best results at the Headquarters of Power.

It will be possible to play alone (facing other players using the same option) or in the team of three option (facing other teams).

When clicking to play, the pairing of battles will randomly set the game mode and the map for both teams.
Then it will be time to choose and ban brawlers! First, there will be a blind ban for both teams and then each player chooses his brawler (it is only possible to use a brawler once).

You will have to win at the best of three to win the match.

And after the games, progress will be defined according to the opponent’s difficulty. The more difficult, the greater the progress!

And just like at headquarters, you will receive stellar points at the end of each Star League season. And it has been revealed that there will be exclusive seasonal rewards, such as new profile icons and a new option to buy skins.

And to inaugurate, the first look will be of the Space Penny , which will be available for 25,000 Stellar Points to be redeemed, as soon as you release this option in the season.

Note: There will be no daily limit on Star League matches, as it was at the Headquarters of Power and this competitive mode will be unlocked on the trophy path, upon reaching the milestone of 4,500 trophies!

New game modes in the Map Maker

And as expected, we have new game modes being made available to the Map Maker this March. The Strategic Zone and Corralled modes can be used for the community to show their creativity (or not) .

Bibi Justiceira’s new look

And in addition to the skins listed above, Bibi will get a new look called Bibi Justiceira, which brings a badass look to brawlers, with lively reactions and more!

It was briefly mentioned that some brawlers will receive animated reactions, such as Bull and Frank. We have no information if other than these, other brawlers will also receive, but it is speculated and expected that each update will release new animated pins, until all brawlers complete.

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