Download Brawl Stars 34.151 with new Brawler STU

Updated 18 March

Download Brawl Stars with new Brawler STU

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New Robot Brawler: STU

This will be a brawler that can be unlocked by reaching 10,000 trophies. STU is a sentient robot, which is used to test the toys at Starr Park.

Attack: STU fires bursts of pyrotechnic shots from his fingers as the main attack. These shots are in a straight line and a single hit on the opponent is necessary to load his super.

Super: With its super, STU is able to move quickly in a short range. This charge pushes opponents and leaves a trail of flames, which causes damage to opponents who pass through it.

What’s new?

    • Added a new BRAWLER- Stu!

It can be obtained by reaching 10,000 cups on the trophy road!

  • The power race was removed, instead of its developers decided to add a Seasonal League in which you can win star points.
  • New test – PSG Championship. The reward for winning the challenge will be skin: PSG Dinomike
  • New skins: Super Star Stu, PSG Dinomike, BibiLante, Penny Smuggler.
  • In addition, there will be an update to Map Maker, in which 2 modes have been added: Siege and Hot Zone, as well as new second gadgets.

Download Brawl Stars 34.151 with new Brawler STU

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