Download ALPHA Nulls Brawl 34.151 with new brawler STU

Download ALPHA Nulls Brawl 34.141 with new brawler STU APK FREE

Null’s Brawl Alpha has been updated to 34.141!

The developers of the private server Null’s Brawl never cease to delight and update it to a new version with a Stu brawler.

An unexpected update to the Null’s Brawl server with the Alpha shield, which is still in development. This is exactly the version that uses the new fighting technology created by the Null ‘Team. For you to understand, it took several months and the main version of the server has not been updated since last year. Therefore, developers can afford to update the test version, to which no one will have any complaints.

Null’s Brawl 34.141 with Stu

This is the first private server to receive an update to the version with the new Stu Fighter. The new fighter is incredibly cool, and he is able to tickle the nerves of many players. The server developers managed to implement its gadget and ult. We can say that Stu is the first fighter who received the changes before anyone else. But according to the team’s statement, bugs with it are not excluded, for this, about each error, write down in the comments.

There are not many updates, but they are and most likely you will notice them in the original version of the game. But the server has already added skins, pins and other new content. The guys also clarified that they will consider the power league mode. At the moment, Null’s can accommodate thousands of players, and the ability to play online. No other private server has such an opportunity yet. In addition, I did not tell on the site that this is the alpha version, which received a completely new logic of battles. Therefore, it is a separate server that is updated almost online.

Changes to Null’s Brawl 34.141

  • New fighter Stu
  • New skins
  • New pins
  • Minor interface changes
  • Minor improvements

Download alpha version of Nulls Brawl 34.151 with STU

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